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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Outreach

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Why is it important?

  • Underrepresented and marginalized individuals and groups of people bring invaluable richness to all domains of society, especially education and research

  • Promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space not only benefits marginalized communities – it benefits us all! Maintaining a diverse institution and laboratory propels us forward by allowing us to see multiple perspectives for better problem solving

Advocacy Work:

  • Disability is an often overlooked and forgotten about group that is critical to DEI

  • More often than not, disability has become an afterthought in DEI initiatives

  • As a scientist and educator, Prof. Heiranian is passionate about making materials accessible to all. Because of this, he has been committed to making his classroom suitable to all needs

  • He has consulted the board of IAFAIS on engineering topics and laboratory needs for individuals taking courses or doing a wide variety of research in engineering and computer science

  • IAFAIS has produced outstanding educational resources for disabled students and researchers in STEM. Of these, he has aided in free 1:1 tutoring for STEM students with specific learning disabilities (SLDs) such as dyscalculia and dyslexia

  • he has aided in grant writing consultation and fundraising for the group, which has resulted in an incoming $15,000. These funds have been used solely to provide scholarship and financial aid opportunities for disabled students and researchers in STEM fields

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