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September 29, 2022: Mosi is attending the APS DFD Conference. He is giving a talk titled "Lucas-Washburn theory revisited for capillary rise in nanotubes” on November 20, 2022. (link)

June 16, 2022: Mosi is giving a talk titled "Revisiting Hagen-Poiseuille law for flow in nanopores” at the Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulations (STMS) Virtual Seminar Series at Yale University on June 24, 2022. (link)

​May 27, 2022: Mosi won the Nature Water Poster Award at the Lake Tahoe 2022 Nanofluidics Conference.​

May 17, 2022: Mosi is attending the Lake Tahoe 2022 Nanofluidics Conference. (link)

May 16, 2022: Mosi's work on modifying the classical Lucas-Washburn theory for fluid filling in nanopores appeared just in Physical Review E

March 28, 2022: Mosi is giving a talk titled "Nanoscale Fluidic Theory for Flow in Carbon-based Nanopores” at the Soft, Fluid, Living Matter (SoFLivMat) Coffee Hour on April 14, 2022. 

March 4 , 2022: Mosi's collaborative work on designing polymeric membranes with coordination chemistry for high-precision ion separations just appeared in Science Advances

March 2 , 2022: Mosi's perspective article on molecular simulations for elucidating transport phenomena in polymeric membranes just appeared in Environmental Science & Technology

Feb 2 , 2022: Mosi is giving a talk titled "Nanoscale fluid mechanics and molecular transport for applications at the water-energy nexus” at the Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Seminars at Washington University in St. Louis on April 14, 2022. 

October 12 , 2021: Mosi's collaborative work on selective fluoride transport in subnanometer TiO2 pores just appeared in ACS Nano

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